Domains define real world objects. Think of a Domain as you would a noun: a person, place or thing. 

A Project or Project Version can have several Domains. Each Domain has its own Attributes, which define the characteristics of a Domain. 

Example Domains for Projects:

  • Organization
  • Department
  • User
  • Address
  • Product

Note: A Domain is referred to as a template and can be reused in Scenarios. When used in a Scenario, a copy is created and all changes to the Domain cascade down to each copy unless locked at that level.  

Creating Domains

Domains may be created in more than one way within the GenRocket Web Platform. 

To learn how to create a Domain, please take a few minutes to review articles in this section of the documentation: Creating Domains.

Video Training

For a quick video tutorial, please take a second to watch the video provided below: