Each Generator generates a specific type of test data for a Domain Attribute. A Generator must be assigned to each Attribute to generate raw data. 

200+ Generators are available for use when generating test data. A default Generator will be automatically assigned to a Domain Attribute and can be replaced if needed.

This information can be viewed from the Domain Dashboard by clicking on an Attribute name. In the example below, the Generator is shown for the firstName Attribute:

Note: More than one Generator can be assigned to an Attribute and then linked together. To learn more, please see: Linked Generators.


This example below shows the output for four User Domain Attributes: firstName, lastName, emailAddress, and username. 

These Attributes use the following Generators: 

  • firstName Attribute - NameGen
  • lastName Attribute - NameGen
  • emailAddress Attribute - EmailGen
  • username Attribute - ConcatGen

Generated Attribute data will vary based on the selected Generator and configuration: 

Note: To learn more about using and managing Generators for Domain Attributes, please see: Generators.

Video Training

For a quick video tutorial, please take a second to watch the video provided below: