Scenario Chains are created by linking two or more Scenarios together. This feature is often used when building data for complex data models. 

When modeling data for complex data models each Domain should have its own Scenario. Each Domain Scenario can then be chained or linked together for easy test data generation. 

Scenario Chains behave like a normal GenRocket Scenario — you download a single file to generate the specified test data on your machine.


Three individual Scenarios have been linked together to form one Scenario Chain:

  • Department
  • User
  • Address

These individual Scenarios can be downloaded and run separately to generate data, but this does not meet the needs of more complex data models and is time consuming. 

All three Scenarios can be linked to form a Scenario Chain, which can be downloaded and run just like a Scenario to generate test data.

As shown below, each individual Scenario has been added to the chain and will be run in the displayed order. You can also configure a Delay (in seconds).

All three Scenarios will be ran when the downloaded Scenario Chain is run in the command terminal: 

Note: To learn more about Scenario Chains, please see this section of the documentation: Scenario Chains.

Video Training

For a quick video tutorial, please take a second to watch the video provided below: