The Profile.grp file is required for you to use the GenRocket Runtime on your local machine. This file contains two important pieces of information: 

  • Access Key - Allows you to run the GenRocket Engine on your machine. Without an access key, you are not licensed to use GenRocket.

  • Organization Resource Information - Each time organization resources are updated, the Profile.grp is also updated to match those changes.

When you run a GenRocket Scenario, the GenRocket Runtime checks your Profile.grp file for the access key and organization resources. If everything is correct, it will then start to generate data.

Downloading the Profile.prg File

The Profile.grp file must be downloaded to your local machine from the GenRocket Web Platform and placed in the .genrocket folder within your home directory (e.g. /Users/Username/.genrocket). 

This file should be downloaded every time there is a change within your resources. It can be downloaded from the Resources pane within the Project Dashboard.

Video Training

For a quick video tutorial, please take a second to watch the video provided below: