The GenRocket Ecosystem has two parts: GenRocket Web Application and GenRocket Runtime.

GenRocket Web Application

The GenRocket Web Application is used to plan and model your test data. Here, you will set up the following primary components for modeling your data: 

  • Projects
  • Domains
  • Attributes
  • Generators
  • Receivers
  • Scenarios

The created Scenario can be downloaded to your local machine and then run using the GenRocket Runtime.

GenRocket Runtime

The GenRocket Runtime is used to generate data on your local machine or server. 

It acts like an engine on your local machine and follows the instructions within the Scenario to generate the test data.

The GenRocket Runtime is initiated through a command window (Linux, Mac, or Windows) by typing the following:

genrocket -r

GenRocket Web and GenRocket Local Runtime Component Diagram

Video Training

For a quick video tutorial, please take a second to watch the video provided below: