A Domain may be created from a CSV file by performing a CSV Import.

Important: CSV file cannot be greater than 2 MB in size.

How to Import a CSV as a Domain

  • Log into the GenRocket web platform.

  • In the Projects Dashboard, select a Project within the Projects pane.

  • Then navigate to the Domains pane.

  • Click the New Domain button.

  • In the drop-down menu, click on the Import from CSV option.

Create the New Domain

  • Enter a new Name the your new Domain.
  • Specify the delimiter in the CSV file (Commas, Tabs, Semicolon, etc.). For this example, Comma has been chosen.
  • Browse to and upload your CSV file.
  • Click the Save button.

Specify Generator Type 

When uploading a CSV file as a Domain, you have three options for the Generator type (Static, Dynamic, and Synthetically Generated):

  • Static Data from CSV: This Generator type will add ListGen Generator to each of your Attributes. Each of these ListGens will have a list populated from the corresponding column in your CSV file. You can only choose this option if your CSV file has less than 16 rows of data. You can use the staticUser.csv file attached to this site to create a Domain with this method.

  • Dynamic Data from CSV: This Generator type will reference the CSV file on your local machine. When you run your GenRocket Scenario, the GenRocket Runtime will pull data directly from your CSV file to generate your specified data. This will require you to specify the CSV file name and path so the GenRocket Runtime knows where to pull the data from. You can input your file path and name as a hardcoded string or an Organization Resource. We recommend using an Organization Resource to making sharing Scenarios easier. You can use the dynamicUser.csv file below to try this method out.

  • Synthetically Generated: A Generator will be assigned automatically to each Attribute within the created Domain. Once the Domain is created, you will be able to preview the synthetic data for each Domain Attribute and make any needed Generator or Generator Parameter configuration changes.

Specify Attributes to Generate Data For

Click the checkbox for each of the Attributes you want to generate data for. You can select the checkbox at the top to select all of the Attributes. Click Save when you are done selecting your Attributes.

Congratulations -- you just created a Domain via CSV! Please continue below to see the expected results with static or dynamic imports. 

Import Option Results

Static Import

When you look at your imported Domain's Attributes, you will see each of them has a ListGen assigned to it. In the list area you will see the data pulled directly from your CSV file. 


Dynamic Import

When you look at your imported Domain's Attributes, you will see that each one has a ListCSVGen assigned to it. In the list area, you will see up to 15 rows of example data being shown to give you a sense of what your generated data will look like. When your Scenario runs on your local machine, the GenRocket engine will look at the CSV file itself to generate the data from.