The Import from DDL option can be used to import your data model as a single data definition language (DDL) or multiple into a Project. A Single Table DDL can be used to create a single Domain by pasting a single table DDL. 

Note: A DDL File can be read to create multiple Domains within a Project. To learn more about this method
, please view this help article.

How to create a single Domain from a DDL

  • In the Projects Dashboard, navigate to the Domains pane. You will only see the Domains window when you have a Project selected.

  • Open the New Domain drop-down menu.

  • Click on the Import from DDL option in the menu.

  • Select the Import Single Domain from DDL option in the Create New domain from DDL dialog and click Next.

  • In the New Domain from DDL dialog, you will need to enter all of the information about your DDL.

    1. (Optional) You can change the name of your Domain if you want it to be different from the DDL.
    2. Select the Vendor of your DDL and then paste your DDL.
    3. Click the Save button after this information has been added.

  • Your new Domain will be created automatically and you will be redirected to the Domain Dashboard, as shown below:

Training Video

The following video can be viewed to learn more about creating a Domain from a DDL as well: