In GenRocket, the number of Domains, Scenarios, Scenario Chains, and Scenario Chain Sets that you can create within a given Project is essentially unlimited. 

When you have multiple Domains, Scenarios, Scenario Chains and Scenario Chain Sets, categorizing them allows users to search and find a given Domain, Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set much faster than looking through all of them at one time.


In each dashboard, you will see a Categorize button, which can be used to assign a category to a specific Domain, Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set.

For this example, we will be assigning a category to a User Domain called Internal Data. The Internal Data category has been checked and will be saved.

This category will be available when performing an Advanced Search for Domains. 

The Internal Data Category and User Domain will appear in the selection window, as shown below: