Attributes can be added to a Domain within the Domain Dashboard. This article shows how to add an Attribute to a Domain. 

What is an Attribute? 

Attributes define the characteristics of a Domain. Let's say for example that you are modeling data for a database with a User Table. The User table will be a Domain and each column within the table will be an Attribute. For example, a User Domain might include these Attributes :
  • id
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • emailAddress
  • username

Note: When a Domain is created or imported, it will automatically have an id Attribute which generates a unique id for each test data record.

How to add an Attribute to a Domain

  • In the Domain Dashboard, click the New Attribute button.

  • Enter a Name for the new Attribute.

  • Click the Save button.

  • The Attribute will be created after clicking on Save.
  • A Generator will be automatically assigned based on the name used for the Attribute.  For this example, the NameGen Generator has been assigned.

  • You may need to make changes to one or more parameters to ensure the required test data is generated for the Attribute. 

  • Click the Save Generator button after making any configuration changes.

Training Video

The following video can be used to learn more about adding new Attributes to a Domain in GenRocket: