A Receiver must be added to a Domain in order to generate output when downloading and running a Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set.

Adding a Receiver to a Domain

A Receiver can be added to a Domain from the Domain Dashboard. To access this dashboard, click on the Domain Name within the Project Dashboard. Then complete the following steps: 

  • Click the New Receiver button within the Domain Receivers pane.

  • In the Add a Receiver dialog window, click the Plus (+) to add the desired Receiver to the Domain.

  • The Filter field may be used to filter displayed Receivers based on an entered keyword.

  • (Optional) The Receiver may be renamed to something that is relevant to the Project.
  • Click Save to finish.

  • If a Scenario has already been assigned to the Domain, you will have the option to add the new Receiver to one or more Scenarios.

  • Tick the checkbox for each desired Scenario and then click the Add Receiver button.

    Note: If no Scenarios have been added to the Domain, the Receiver will be assigned after clicking on the Save button.
  • Fill out the required Receiver parameters. Required parameters are denoted with an asterisk *.

  • Click Save to save all changes made to the Receiver Parameters.

  • Navigate back to the Domain Dashboard by clicking the Domain Name in the breadcrumb bar.

  • You can view your new Receiver in the Domain Receivers Pane.

Video Training

The following video can be used to learn more about assigning Receivers to Domains in the GenRocket web platform: