A Receiver must be assigned (added) to a Domain for raw data from the Attributes Generator to be morphed into a usable output format. Receivers can be added in one of two ways: 

Adding a Receiver to a Domain

  • In the Add a Receiver dialog window, click the Plus (+) to add the desired Receiver to the Domain.

  • The Filter field may be used to filter displayed Receivers based on an entered keyword.

  • (Optional) The Receiver may be renamed to something that is relevant to the Project.
  • Click Save to finish.

  • If a Scenario has already been assigned to the Domain, you will have the option to add the new Receiver to one or more Scenarios.

  • Tick the checkbox for each desired Scenario and then click the Add Receiver button.

    Note: If no Scenarios have been added to the Domain, the Receiver will be assigned after clicking on the Save button.
  • Fill out the required Receiver parameters. Required parameters are denoted with an asterisk *.

  • Click Save to save all changes made to the Receiver Parameters.

  • Navigate back to the Domain Dashboard by clicking the Domain Name in the breadcrumb bar.

  • You can view your new Receiver in the Domain Receivers Pane.