When you create a new Attribute, GenRocket will try to automatically assign a Generator to it. When no Default Generators match the Attribute, the SimplePatternGen Generator will be assigned by default.

How to Assign another Generator to an Attribute 

To assign a different Generator, complete the steps below: 

  • Select the Attribute within the Domain Dashboard. 

  • For this example, the refNumber Attribute has been selected.

  • Click Yes in the pop-up window to remove the current Generator.

  • Next, click the Remove Generator button.

  • In the Add A Generator dialog, select the Generator you would like to use for the Attribute.

  • Use the input field to search for a specific Generator or click on a Category on the left side of the dialog.

  • Click on the Plus + or the Generator window to add a Generator to the Attribute.

  • You will be automatically returned to the Attribute configuration in the Domain Dashboard.

  • In this example, the RangeGen Generator has been assigned to the Attribute.

  • Once the Generator has been assigned, you can modify the parameters within the Generator configuration.

    Note: Remember to click the Save Generator button after making any changes to the Generator configuration.

Video Training

The following video can be viewed to learn more about how to assign a Generator to an Attribute: