An individual Scenario can be downloaded from one of two locations within the GenRocket web platform.

  • Project Dashboard
  • Scenario Dashboard

Project Dashboard

In the Scenarios Pane, click the Download (Cloud) icon next to the Scenario you want to download. 

If you do not see this icon it means their is an error with your Scenario. Click the Scenario Name to view the error in the Scenario Dashboard.

Errors are displayed at the top of the Scenario Dashboard and will vary. For this example, the Organization Domain does not have an assigned Receiver, which is required to morph the raw data into a readable, usable format. 

Scenario Dashboard 

An individual Scenario may be downloaded from the Scenario Dashboard. Click the Download button at the top of the Scenario Dashboard.

This button will be disabled if there is an error with your Scenario. An error message will appear that the top of the dashboard with instructions on how to resolve the error. 

Note: To learn how to download multiple Scenarios at one time, please see this article: How do I download multiple Scenarios at once?.