The MapGen Generator generates data as a result of mapping one data value to another data value. This Generator ensures that when one data value is generated, the other mapped data value is generated as well AND matches its key value.


The list defines the keys: 

  • Compact
  • Midsize
  • Luxury

This maps Compact to Corolla, Midsize to Camry, Luxury to Avalon

  • Compact, Corolla
  • Midsize, Camry
  • Luxury, Avalon


The following parameters may be configured for the MapGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • keyReference* - Click and then drag and drop the Attribute that you want to be used as the key value in this data map.

  • map - In the two empty boxes, enter the key in the left field and the value that you want the key to be mapped to in the right field. When data is in both fields, hit ENTER to save your entry.

Video Training

The following video can be used to see a quick tutorial on how to use the MapGen Generator: