Setting up Your First Resource

In this article you will learn how to setup your first Organization Resource. You will also download your Profile.xml and move it to your .genrocket folder. If you have not installed the GenRocket Runtime yet please do so before going through this article. You can see how to install the GenRocket runtime in this article

Video Training 



In the Resources Window click the "Add Resource" button 

Name your resource "" and click "save"

You can name your resource anything you would like but in this training will refer to this resource as The description field is optional. 

In the Resources window, click the edit value icon on the right side

In the Edit Resource Value dialog, add a value for your resource and click "Save"

For this resource you want to specify the path for your test data files to be created. We recommend using your downloads folder. 

In the Resources window, click the "Download My Profile.xml" button

In your terminal move your profile.xml to the .genrocket subdirectory in your home folder. 

When you are the same directory as your profile.xml you can use the following command for Linux and OSX. Note the # values are unique digits to your account.  


mv GR#######.xml ~/.genrocket


Continue onto Part 3: Setting up your default Receiver Parameters