Creating a Project 

This article will guide you through creating, editing, locking, and deleting a project. 

Video Training 



If you haven't moved back to the main dashboard from the Default Receivers Page, click "Dashboard" in the main navigation. 

New Project 

In the Projects Window click the "New Project' button

Create a new project called "Demo".

That is all you need to do for this training. You can see how to perform other project actions below or you can continue on to Part 5: Creating a User Domain.


Other Project Actions 

Locking a Project

Click the lock icon next to the project you want to lock. Note - If you lock a project you will not be able to delete it unless you contact 

Editing a Project

To edit a project's name click the edit icon for that project. 

Deleting a Project 

To delete a Project, click the trashcan icon next to the project. Note -- once you do this you won't be able to bring your project back. 

Continue on to Part 5: Creating a User Domain