Part 6 - Adding a Receiver 

In this article we will show you how to assign an XMLFileReceiever to your User Domain

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If you are still in the Attribute Dashboard, you can get back to the Domain Dashboard by clicking the Domain's name in the left column. 

In the Domain Dashboard, click the "New Receiver" button 

In the new Receiver dialog, select the XMLFileReceiever by clicking the "+" button

To make it easier to find, type "xml" into the filter. 

If you want, you can rename the Receiver. In this example we keep it the same and click the "Save" button. 

Your outputPath parameter will already be set. Set the fileName parameter to "Users.xml"

Make sure to save by clicking the "Save" button or hitting the return/enter key. 

Navigate back to the Domain Dashboard and you will see that your Receiver was added