The reference Parameter in an assigned Generator may be used to reference another Attribute for a Domain. This article shows how to reference another Attribute. 

How to Reference an Attribute in Another Attribute

  • Navigate to the Domain Dashboard and select the Attribute you want to modify.

  • In the below example, we have selected an email Attribute.

  • If there is already a value in the Reference parameter for the assigned Generator, remove it before continuing. 

  • Note: Depending on what Generator you are using, the reference Parameter might be in a different location than what is shown above.

  • Double click on the reference Parameter input field.

  • This will open the Select Attribute to Reference dialog window.

  • Select the Attribute you want to reference by clicking the Plus + button.

  • In this example, the id Attribute has been chosen.

  • Click the Save Generator button to save the change.

  • Look at the Preview pane to see the new data.

  • The email Attribute now references the id Attribute.

Video Training

The following video can also be used to learn about referencing one Attribute to another: