The my profile.grp file (i.e., GenRocket User Profile) is required to use the GenRocket Runtime on your local machine. This file must be downloaded to your local computer and placed into the .genrocket folder. 

Note: This file will need to be downloaded and moved to the .genrocket folder any time changes are made to your resources.

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Step 1 - Download Your Profile

  • Log into the GenRocket web platform to view the Project Dashboard.
  • In the Resources pane, click the Download menu.

  • Next, click the Download My Profile option. The file will be downloaded to the user's Downloads folder.

    Note: If you are running a newer version of the Windows operating system, a warning might appear regarding this file type. Click Keep to continue with the file download. 

Step 2- Move Your Profile to the .genrocket Folder

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to your Downloads folder.
  • When you download your profile, it will have the following naming format: GR#######Profile.grp. The # values are digits.

  • Right click on your profile file and click Cut or Copy to move the file to its new location.

  • Navigate to and open the .genrocket folder in File Explorer.
  • This folder should be in your home directory (usually C:\Users\YourUserName).

    Note: This folder should not be named: genrocket-#.#.# folder (The # symbol represents the version number digits). If the folder appears this way, rename it to .genrocket (without version numbers).

  • Right click to paste this file into your .genrocket folder.

  • You can now run GenRocket Scenarios on your machine using GenRocket Runtime.