System/Environment Requirements for running GenRocket

If your company is going to start using GenRocket or have a training on GenRocket we recommend having one person at your company ensure the following three requirements are met before on-boarding everyone onto the system:

1. Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

  • Supported Operating Systems: Generally Windows, Linux, and macOS -- but GenRocket can support most OS that support Java
  • Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

2. Minimum Version of Java is Java 7

Your computers must have at minimum Java 7 installed to run GenRocket. You can verify your version of Java at this site.

3. Don’t Install GenRocket on a Secure Drive

Because of security setting implemented by companies GenRocket may not run on secure drives. Please make sure your team installs GenRocket on their unsecure drive (usually the C:\ drive.)

4. Verify the GenRocket Runtime is Working:  

There are two options on how you can use the GenRocket Runtime: online or offline. Before you verify this step please complete the tutorials listed in the next section. 

  1. Online Mode: By default, the GenRocket Runtime runs in online mode. You can verify your environment support this by simply running a GenRocket Scenario on your local machine while connected to the internet.

    If the Scenario fails we recommend using the GenRocket Runtime in offline mode. If you still want to use the GenRocket Runtime in online mode we recommend looking at this help article and contacting your network security administrator.  

  2. Offline Mode: You can use the GenRocket Runtime offline by using an offline certificate. You can do this by adding an offline certificate from the GenRocket Web App to your .genrocket folder in your home directory. Each certificate lasts 24 hours – after that time you will need to re-download the certificate to use the GenRocket Runtime. You can see the step by step process of how to set up the offline certificate in this help article.

Verify your System and Environment is setup correctly

If you believe above requirements are met you can verify everything is working by completing the following training in the GenRocket Tutorial Dashboard:

  1. Setup (Lessons 1-2 (Windows) or 3-4 (Linux/macOS): You just need to complete the lessons for the environment your company uses.

  2. Basic Training (Lessons 1-8): Completing this training will expose any changes you need to make on your corporate environment to allow GenRocket to work.

Trouble Shooting

If you are not able to complete the trainings due to technical issues in your environment please check that all the above requirements are met. If all the requirements are met but you are still running into issues please contact us by submitting a support ticket via our support portal.