The Primary Domain test data generation has no dependencies on any other Domain; it does not reference a Parent Domain or any Sibling Domains.  When the test data is generated, the Primary Domain test data is not influenced by any other Domain's generated test data.

Object Diagram

The word primary in a box

Primary Pattern

The Primary Domain has one possible test data generation pattern.

  • One to Many (1-N) Primary Pattern: One to N records will be generated for the Primary Domain, where N is a constant greater than or equal to 1.


Primary Pattern Iteration Examples

Pseudo Code

The Pseudo code below shows the sequence in which test data is generated for the Primary pattern.


for (primaryLoop in 1..N) do


Concrete Example

The following is a concrete example where the Primary Domain is a User Domain representing a User entity.

a database diagram. It has the following informaion: ID integer (10), title varchar(5), first_name varchar(25), middle Initial  varchar(25) N, last_name varchar(25), suffix varchar(10) N, username varchar(25) U, email_address varchar(50) U, phone_number varchar(25)

Generating 10 Users for a CSV file using the One to Many (1-N) Primary Pattern:

  •  id,emailAddress,title,firstName,middleInitial,lastName,suffix,phoneNumber,username
  •  1,,Ms,Zelma,Q,Lao,(374) 415-4445,User1
  •  2,,Mr,Elisha,Z,Cardinal,(697) 190-7329,User2
  •  3,,Dr,Oliver,G,Mark,Sr,(577) 392-4243,User3
  •  4,,Ms,Piedad,I,Liggett,(500) 504-1083,User4
  •  5,,Ms,Beatrice,L,Lafferty,(246) 587-5814,User5
  •  6,,Mr,Alva,X,Vanmeter,III,(240) 798-2338,User6
  •  7,,Mr,Rodger,T,Catania,(528) 161-8856,User7
  •  8,,Mrs,Lara,V,Groce,(492) 181-5063,User8
  •  9,,Mr,Roosevelt,V,Hudgens,(748) 405-1826,User9
  •  10,,Mr,Elwood,J,Nair,II,(559) 311-7270,User10