Attribute Hierarchy

Attributes can only reference other Attributes that are above them in the Attribute pane of a Domain. This is because The GenRocket engine, traverses a Domain's set of Attributes in ascending order to call their associated Generators to generate data.  Thus, while an Attribute may access an Attribute that is positioned below itself, it will return an empty value because Attributes below have not yet generated their data.


  • The firstBame Attribute cannot reference any of the Attributes below it (middleInitial, lastName, etc.).
  • The username Attribute can reference any of the Attributes above it (ID, Version, lastName, etc.).

How Change Attribute Hierarchy

To switch the hierarchy of the Attributes

  1. Click the "Rearrange Attributes" button above the Attribute list.  
  2. Find the Attribute you want to move
  3. Drag said Attribute to its new location 
  4. Click the close button

Example: If you wanted to have the username Attribute reference the firstName and lastName Attribute you would simply drag the username Attribute below the firstName and lastName Attributes. Once this is done, you can edit the username Attribute to reference the firstName and lastName attributes.