Scenario Batch Download 

Batch Scenario Download allows you to download up to 15 different Scenarios at a time.

How to use Batch Download

The Batch Download button can be used to download multiple Scenarios at one time as a ZIP file. This option can be found in the Scenarios Pane within the Project Dashboard.

Select Batch Operation and then Batch Download Scenarios

In the dialog window, click on a Scenario within the Available List to select it and then click the Right Arrow to add it to the Chosen List.

Multiple selections can be made by pressing the CTRL or CMD Key on your keyboard and then clicking on each individual Scenario. All Scenarios may be selected by clicking the Choose All option at the bottom of the Available List.

Note: Select a Scenario and click the Left Arrow to remove it from the Chosen List or use the Clear All option at the bottom of the Chosen List.

Click the Download button after all desired Scenarios have been added to the Chosen List.

The Scenarios will be downloaded as a ZIP file named after the Project the Scenarios belong to in GenRocket. The ZIP file will need to be extracted (unzipped). Click on the Downloaded File or access your Downloads Folder to do so. 

The steps will vary based on operating system and the images below are for the Windows Operating System.

Once the files has been extracted (unzipped), you will be able to run the Scenarios on your local machine.

Video Tutorial