Definition of Organization Variable

Organization Variables are variables that are global to all projects within your GenRocket organization. An Organization Variable must belong to an Organization Variable Suite and have a unique name with its set of Organization Variables. 

Note: Only Organization Admins are able to view, create, and manage Organization Variables in GenRocket. 


A user wants to define three different sets of Organization Variables:

  • The 1st set will be referenced for generating small sets of data.
  • The 2nd set will be referenced for generating large sets of data.     
  • The 3rd set will be referenced for generating huge sets of data.

Each set will contain the same two Organization Variables:

  • loopCount
  • userId

Set 1

  • loopCount = 1000
  • userId = 1001

Set 2

  • loopCount = 100000
  • userId = 100001

Set 3

  • loopCount = 100000000
  • userId = 100000001

What can Reference an Organization Variable?

Because Organization Variables can be referenced across all projects within your Organization, changing the value of any given Organization Variable can affect many Scenarios, the amount and type of data that is generated; therefore only a few parameters are allowed to reference Organization Variables:  

  • Domain Global Variables
  • Project Version Variables
  • Scenario Domain loopCounts