Project Version Variables are a copy of the Domain Global Variables. The copy is created when a Project Version Variable Set is added to a selected Project. 

A copy will be made of each Domain Global Variable within the Project or Project Version. If two Domains are present (User and Address), GenRocket will create three Project Version Variables for each Domain.

  • global.User.loopCount
  • global.User.seed
  • global.Address.loopCount
  • global.Address.seed

Project Version Variable values may be modified individually to have different values than the Domain Global Variables. These values may be selected and used when downloading a Scenario. 

How to view Project Version Variables

Project Version Variables can be viewed within the Management pane of the Project Dashboard.

Note: To learn more about editing these variables, please see this article: How do I Edit a Project Version Variable?. 

Project Version Variables Example

Two users want to run the same Scenario. Each user requires the Domain Global Variables to have different values.  

To accomplish this, they will need to be able to define these values separately and use them with the Scenario when it is downloaded. One way to do this is to create two Project Version Variable Sets (user1 and user2), as shown below: 

  • User 1
    • global,id = 25
    • global.loopCount = 100
    • global.seed = 10
  • User 2 
    • global,id = 50
    • global.loopCount = 200
    • global.seed = 20

User 1

User 2

Next Steps

Once defined, each user will be able to specify which Project Version Variables the Scenario should use by selecting a Variable Set from the drop-down menu.

You can also directly assign the Project Version Variable Set to one or more Scenarios with the Assign to Scenarios button on the Management Tab.