Definition of Project Version Variable Set

A Project Version Variable set is a copy of all the Domain Global Variables for a project version with specific values. For example, let's say we have a User Domain in our project and two Project Version Variable Sets. Each set will have its own values for all the three domain global variables (id, seed, and loopCount). 

  1. Project Version Set 1 
    • = 1
    • global.User.loopCount = 1
    • global.User.seed = 1
  2. Project Version Set 2
    • = 100
    • global.User.loopCount = 100
    • global.User.seed = 100

To learn more about Project Variables please view this article. 

Do I need a Project Variable Set to run Scenarios?

No, you do not. By default GenRocket Scenarios leverage the default Domain Global Variable values. 

View this article on how to create a Project Variable Set.