A Project Version Variable Set is a copy of all the Domain Global Variables for a project version. The set contains a copy of the variables, which have their own specific values. 

This information can be viewed and managed within the Management pane of the Project Dashboard when logged into the GenRocket Web Platform.


For example, let's say we have a User Domain in our project and separate values must be used for two different Scenarios. 

To do so, two Project Version Variable Sets can be configured. Each set will have its own values for all three Domain Global Variables (id, seed, and loopCount).

Project Version Set 1

Set 1 has the following configuration:

  • = 1
  • global.User.loopCount = 1
  • global.User.seed = 1

Project Version Set 2

Set 2 has the following configuration:

  • = 100
  • global.User.loopCount = 100
  • global.User.seed = 100

Note: To learn more about Project Variables please view this section of the documentation: Project Version Variables

Do I Need a Project Variable Set to Run Scenarios?

No, you do not. By default GenRocket Scenarios leverage the default Domain Global Variable values. 

Note: To learn more about creating a Project Variable Set, please see this article: How to create a Project Variable Set.