GenRocket Security

GenRocket makes sure your data is safe and only available to registered users in your organization.

GenRocket Data Security

The below diagram and descriptions explains the process of generating synthetic test data.

  1. GenRocket Web
    • The GenRocket web application is hosted on a secure cloud environment.

    • Users use the web application to model a representation of their data as GenRocket Domains. No sensitive production data is uploaded to GenRocket.

    • GenRocket Domains are used to create GenRocket Scenarios.

  2. GenRocket Encrypted Scenario
    • GenRocket Encrypted Scenarios are a set of instructions that the GenRocket Runtime uses to generate synthetic test data.

    • GenRocket Scenarios can only be run by a user who is a member of your organization on their local computer.
  3. Your Secure Corporate Environment
    • Your corporate environment follows your specified security requirements.

    • The GenRocket Runtime runs behind your corporate firewall.

  4. User’s Secure Local Machine
    • Users run GenRocket Scenarios on their secure local machine.

  5. Test Data
    • Because the synthetic test data is generated on a local machine in your secure environment, it is not exposed to outside parties.

    • By only generating synthetic test data there is no production data exposed -- your user and proprietary data are never at risk.