GenRocket Runtime Security

The GenRocket Runtime has two modes: online and offline. The below diagrams and descriptions explain how these two modes work with license validation.

Running in Online Mode

  1. GenRocket Runtime
    • When online and access to the internet from the command line, before the GenRocket Runtime runs a Scenario, it performs a license check.

    • It sends a request via HTTPS to the GenRocket license server.

  2. GenRocket License Server
    • The GenRocket license server verifies the user has a valid GenRocket license.

    • The license server returns an approval response  to the GenRocket Runtime so it can start generating test data.

Running in Offline Mode

There are two steps for using the GenRocket Runtime in offline mode:

Step 1: Downloading Offline Certificate

  1. GenRocket Web: 
    • A user downloads a 24-hour offline certificate from GenRocket Web.
  2. User’s Local Machine:
    • The user moves the offline certificate to their .genrocket subdirectory.

Step 1: Running in Offline Mode

1. GenRocket Runtime

  • The GenRocket Runtime validates the offline certificate and starts generating test data.

  • When the offline certificate expires, the user needs to go back to GenRocket Web and download a new offline certificate.