The Group Edit feature can be used to edit multiple Attributes at once.  Information that can be modified includes: % Null, Null Value, Output Condition, Type, Size, Table Reference, Mask, Default Value, Visible, Required, and Unique. 

Group Edit is beneficial when a Parameter for multiple Attributes needs to have the same value or when multiple Attributes need to be deleted from the Domain at the same time.


Group Attribute Editing Feature 

The Group Editing feature can be used to edit multiple Attributes at once. This feature allows you to:

  1. Edit Parameters for Multiple Attributes
  2. Delete Multiple Attributes

This article shows how to perform each of these actions using the Group Editing feature.

How to Access the Group Editing Feature

  • Click on the Domain within the Domains Pane of the Project Dashboard.

  • Next, click on the Group Edit button.

  • In the dialog window, you will see the parameter configuration for each Attribute that is part of the Domain.

How to Edit Multiple Attributes' Parameters

  • Click on the Group Edit button at the top of the Domain Dashboard.

  • Tick the checkbox for each Attribute that should have a Parameter edited. For this example, firstName and lastName will be selected.

  • Select a Parameter within the Select Option menu. For this example, % Null will be chosen.

  • Next, enter the value for the selected Attribute Parameter. For this example, 15 has been entered as the percentage value.

  • Click the Save button.

  • The two selected attributes will have 15 as the % Null value, as shown below.

  • Click the Close button to exit the dialog window.

How to Delete Multiple Attributes with Group Editing: 

  • On the top of the Domain Dashboard, click on the Group Edit button.

  • Check off the Attributes you want to delete

  • Click the Delete Selected Attributes button in the bottom right of the dialog window.

  • Click Yes on the confirmation window.

  • Your selected Attributes have been deleted.

Video Tutorial 

Watch the following GenRocket solutions video to learn more about the Group Editing feature: