The OvertimePayGen Generator computes overtime pay.


The following parameters may be configured for the OvertimePayGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required.  

  • payRate* - Defines the rate of pay that is given per hour. 

  • hoursWorked* - Defines the total number of hours worked. 

  • overtimeMultiplier* - Defines the rate at which overtime should be multiplied and calculated. The default is 1.5, which is time and a half. 

  • overtimeStart* - Defines the amount of hours worked after which the overtime should be calculated. The default is 40 hours. 

Example 1: Generate Random Hours Worked and Calculate Overtime Pay for Over 40 Hours

For this example, a RandomGen Generator has been linked and referenced by the hoursWorked Parameter for the OvertimePayGen Generator. 

The RandomGen Generator generates a random number ranging between 1 and 80 for hours worked. 

RandomGen Generator Configuration: 

Sample Output

Overtime pay will only be calculated when the generated hours worked is over 40 hours. When the hours are 40 or below, the overtime pay amount will be 0.00.

Video Training

The following video can be used to learn more about using the OvertimePayGen Generator: