The UnitedStatesListGen Generator generates the United States state name, the capital city, related zip, area code, and county. One can select from the following data points: 

  • state abbreviation
  • state name
  • state capital
  • a capital zip code
  • a capital area code 
  • a capital county

Note: The data can be generated in alphabetical order or random order. 

In This Article

Generator Parameters

The following parameters may be configured for the UnitedStatesListGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • dataPoint*- Determines which data point will be generated from the state information. The choices are: 
    • State Abbreviation - CA, NY, TN
    • State Name - California, New York, Tennessee
    • State Capital - Hartford, Indianapolis, Saint Paul
    • Capital Area Code - 573, 503, 602
    • Capital Zip Code - 32301, 06101, 99801
    • Capital County - Cole, Franklin, Travis

  • sequence* - Determines whether the state data will be generated alphabetically or randomly.
  • seed - Defines an optional seed for randomization.

Sample Output

Each column shows each dataPoint type generated by the UnitedStatesListGen Generator:

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