The UnitedStatesMapGen Generator maps city, state, zip, and area code values to a specific data point. 

Attribute User.address use the UnitedStatesListGen  (a list Generator) in the following example: 

  • dataPoint = STATE_CAPITAL

Attribute User.state uses UnitedStatesMapGen:

  • reference - User.address
  • keyDataPoint = STATE_CAPITAL
  • valueDataPoint = STATE_ABBREVIATION

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Generator Parameters

The following parameters may be configured for the UnitedStatesMapGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required.  

  • reference* - The purpose of the reference field is to allow you to map it to another Attribute's value. Click on an Attribute you want to reference and DRAG and DROP the Attribute into this field. For example, a State Attribute should reference the City Attribute.

  • keyDataPoint* - The keyDataPoint lets the UnitedStatesMapGen Generator know which value you are mapping to. For example, if the State needs to reference a city, then choose the STATE_CAPITAL (a city) for the keyDataPoint.

  • valueDataPoint* - Allows you to choose which dataPoint value is generated. The valueDataPoint feature gives this Generator lots of flexibility in what is mapped and what is output by the Generator.

Example 1 - Map Generated Capital City to State Name

In this example, the UnitedStatesListGen Generator has been linked to the UnitedStatesMapGen. The UnitedStatesListGen will generate State Capitals, which will be used to map the State Name based on the generated State Capital. 

UnitedStatesListGen Generator Configuration: 

Sample Output

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