Testing a Banking Application's Web Services with the GenRocket API

In the video below, you will see how we were able to conduct an end to end test/workflow of an ATM Banking Application.  For a detail explanation of this solution with source code, you can checkout the API Example - Testing ATM Account Transaction.

Test Plan

• Write a simple Groovy script with less than 175 lines of code

• Populate an empty database with programmed and conditioned data

• Simulated a complex end-to-end workflow that successfully generated:  

  • 1,000 Branches

  • 40,000 Visa Debit Cards

  • 10,000 Users

  • 20,000 Customer Accounts 

      • 10,000 Checking 

      • 10,000 Savings

3. Make thousands of deposits, transfers, and withdrawals to test the ATM's workflows


In total this test plan will simulate 169,943 combined withdrawal, deposit, and transfer transactions

Video of Solution 

Below you can see the solution in action. 

Details on How We Modified the AccountTransferRestScenario in Realtime

The video below (1 min 26 secs) will show how, in the simulation, we were able to dynamically modify the AccountTransferRestScenario, to switch transferring funds from a user's checking to savings, to transferring funds from a user's savings to checking; thus showing the power and flexibility one can have manipulating GenRocket Scenarios in realtime.

API Tutorial

If you are not familiar with the GenRocket API, we recommend that you watch this tutorial.