How to assign GenRocket licenses to your team

This article explains how to assign GenRocket licenses to your team members. Please make sure you have done the following two things before attempting to assign licenses:

  1. Email with how many licenses you need. We will email you back when we have added the new licenses to your account.
  2. Add your team members to your organization. Please refer to this article on how to do this

After you have completed those two steps, you can start assigning licenses to your team. 

1. Select My Organization from the top right dropdown

2.  In the License tables, click the Assign link in the Change License column 

You can also un-assign or re-assign licenses already assigned to a user by clicking those links. 

3. In the dialog, select the user you want to assign the license to and click save

  • The license is now assigned to the specified user. 
  • Repeat these three steps until all of your users have a license assigned to them.