The ExcelFileReceiver morphs generated data into an Excel file.  The file can be exported in two types:

  • xlsx
  • xls


The ExcelFileReceiver requires that the following parameters are defined:

  • path - Defines the location to store the newly generated Excel output file.
  • fileName - Defines the name of the output file.
  • uniqueAttribute - Defines a Domain Attribute the Receiver will use to identify a unique value that has already been inserted into the file and prevents it from being inserted twice.
  • type - Defines the Excel file format
    • xlsx
    • xls

Receiver Attribute Property Keys

The Receiver defines two property keys that can be modified on any of its associated Domain Attributes:

  • columnName - Defines the column name as it will be output in the delimited file header.
  • include - Determines if the Attribute will be included as a column in the output.