Lesson Summary

After populating our database tables with realistic, synthetic data, we can perform updates with via synthetic data replacement; therefore we want to associate the SQLUpdateReceiver to each of the three Domains. The SQLUpdateReceiver contains a Data tab where an SQL update statement will be defined; but, the SQL update statement will be defined at the Scenario level where the variables the SQL update statement needs are relevant. Thus, we can use one of GenRocket's global editing features to add the SQLUpdateReceiver to all three Domains at the same time, instead of one at a time.

Lesson Steps

Step 1 - Go to Domain Dashboard

  • On the Project Dashboard, go to the Domains panel and click on the 'User' Domain link.
    • It does not matter which Domain you select to get to the Domain dashboard

Step 2 - Use Global Editing Feature

  • In the upper left of the Domain Dashboard, click the Global Edition button

Step 3 - Add a Receiver to Multiple Domains 

  • Click the, Add a New Receiver to Multiple Domains, menu option

Step 4 - Select Domains for Globally Edit

  • Click the Choose all link

Step 5 - Finalize and Save your selected Domains

  • Click the Next button

Step 6 - Select a Receiver

  • In the filter input field enter, update

Step 7 - Select the new Generator

  • Click the SQLUpdateReceiver or the + icon

Step 8 - Name the Receiver

  • A default name is automatically assigned to the Receiver; it is the name of the Receiver
  • Unless you're going to the assign the same Receiver to a given Domain more than once, leave the default name
  • Click the Save button

Step 9 -  Save Global Edits

On this form, you can edit one or more Receiver parameters at one time.  In this particular instance, nothing needs to be edited.

  • Click the Close button

Step 10 - Go to the SQLUpdateReceiver

  • After clicking the Close button, you will be returned to the Domain Dashboard
  • Click the SQLUpdateReceiver link, in the Domain Receivers window.

  • All three Domains will have the same SQLUpdateReceiver definition.
  • Nothing else needs to be done to this Receiver until we get to the Update Scenario lesson.

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