Lesson Summary

We will soon be creating two sets of Scenarios

  • Scenarios that insert data into the database
  • Scenarios that update data in the database

The Domain loop counts needed to insert data into the database are different than the loop counts needed to update the database. In order that different Scenarios do not share the same loop count settings, GenRocket has a feature called, Project Version Variable Sets, that allows the set of all Domain global variables within a given project version to be copied to one or more variable sets. Each variable set is uniquely defined by its name.

Since we want to initially insert 50000 rows of test data into each of our three tables, we want to create a new variable set that will be shared by our insert Scenarios, and for each of our Domain's global loopCount variables, we want to set the value to 50000. 

Lesson Steps

Step 1 - Goto the Project Version Variables Tab

  • On the Project Dashboard, click the Project Version Variables tab
  • Within the Project Version Variables tab, click the New Project Version Variable Set button

Step 2 -  Create a New Project Version Variable Set

  • Set the Name parameter to InsertSet
  • Set the Description text to the following
    • Used by Scenarios that insert data into the database.

  • Click the Save button

Step 3 - Modify the GrantHistory.loopCount

  • Click the global.GrantHistory.loopCount's edit icon

Step 4 - Edit the global.GrantHistory.loopCount

  • Set the Value parameter to 50000
  • Click the Save button

  • You should now have the following result

Step 5 - Set NotificationSetting.loopCount to 50000

  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the NotificationSetting.loopCount

Step 6 - Set User.loopCount to 50000

  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the User.loopCount

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