Using an Offline Certificate for Corporate Environments

You can use the GenRocket Runtime while connected to a secure network or offline. You can do this by adding an offline certificate to your .genrocket folder in your home directory. You do not need to use an offline certificate if you are connected to the internet in a non-secure/corporate environment. 

How the offline certificate works

  • Each offline certificate is specific to a GenRocket Organization
    • If you are a member of two GenRocket organizations you will need to download an offline certificate for each organization
  • Each offline certificate lasts for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours you will need to re-download your certificate and place it in your .genrocket directory (see steps below)

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1. Assign a home directory resource value

  • Confirm you have added a value to the
  • This is required to use an offline license 

2. Download offline certificate

  • Click the "Download Offline Certificate" button 

3. Put the offline certificate in your .genrocket folder

4. Verify offline certificate is working

  • Disconnect from the internet on your local machine
  • Run a GenRocket Scenario via the command line
  • If the Scenario runs your certificate is setup correctly