There are two ways to use the GenRocket Runtime: online or offline. GenRocket Runtime uses port 443 (HTTPS) to connect to GenRocket Cloud. Click here for instructions on verifying that this port is available on your local computer or server. 

GenRocket runs in 'online mode' by default. You are in ' online mode ' if you can download a Scenario and run it on your local machine or server while connected to the Internet. If not, you can contact your network administrator or use GenRocket in 'offline mode'.

You can use the GenRocket Runtime offline by using an offline certificate. You can download this certificate from the GenRocket web platform and place it in the .genrocket folder within your home directory.

Note: If you run the GMUS on a restricted network server, a GMS Offline Certificate will need to be used to validate locally on your computer. Please see this article for more information: How to Download a GMUS Offline Certificate.

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How Does the Offline Certificate Work?

  • Each offline certificate is specific to a GenRocket Organization.
  • Each offline certificate lasts for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, you must download a new offline certificate and place it in your .genrocket directory.

Note: If you are a member of two GenRocket organizations, you must download an offline certificate for each organization.

Video Training

The following video can be used to see a quick preview of these steps as well:

How to Download the Offline Certificate

Step 1 - Confirm Value

  • A value must be present for the resource. 
  • This is required to use an offline certificate and should match the System Home Directory path:
    • Linux/Mac OS - /home/users/username
    • Windows - C:/Users/username

  • If it is not configured, use the Edit (Pencil) icon. The complete steps are here
  • You'll need to download the profile and move it to your .genrocket folder if there are any changes. 

Step 2 - Download the Offline Certificate

  • Expand the Download menu and select Download Offline Certificate.
  • This file will be named like this: GR#######Certificate.grc. (The # symbol represents numbers within the file name.)

Step 3 - Place the Offline Certificate into your .genrocket Folder

  • Copy/cut/paste or drag and drop to move the downloaded file to the .genrocket folder.

Step 4 - Verify offline certificate is working

  • Disconnect from the Internet on your local machine.
  • Open a CMD or Terminal Window and change the directory to the directory path of the Scenario.
  • Run the GenRocket Scenario using the command below.

    genrocket -r <ScenarioName.grs>

  • If the Scenario runs successfully, your certificate is set up correctly (See image below).

Error - Unable to validate license

Reason - Invalid Access Key

This error will be received when the path does not match the system home directory. This error occurs because GenRocket cannot validate the user has a valid, enabled profile to use the offline certificate.

Unable to validate license.
User's home directory does not match with the certificate's home directory. 
System Home Directory: C:\Users\username
Resource Home Directory: \Users\username

To fix this issue, complete these steps: 

  1. Update the Resource Home Directory (Step 1) to match the System Home Directory path.
  2. Download the Offline Certificate again.
  3. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 above.