You can use the GenRocket Runtime while connected to a secure network or offline. To use GenRocket Runtime offline, add an offline certificate to your .genrocket folder in your home directory. 

Note: You do not need to use an offline certificate if you are connected to the Internet in a non-secure/corporate environment. 

Note: If you run the GMUS on a restricted network server, a GMS Offline Certificate will need to be used to validate locally on your computer. Please see this article for more information: How to Download a GMUS Offline Certificate.

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How Does the Offline Certificate Work?

  • Each offline certificate is specific to a GenRocket Organization.
  • Each offline certificate lasts for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, you must download a new offline certificate and place it in your .genrocket directory.

Note: If you are a member of two GenRocket organizations, you must download an offline certificate for each organization.

How to Download the Offline Certificate

Step 1 - Confirm Value

  • Within the Resources pane, confirm you have added a value to the
  • This is required to use an offline certificate and should match the System Home Directory path (usually C:/Users/User Name).

  • Click the Edit (Pencil) icon if one has not been assigned. 

Step 2 - Download the Offline Certificate

  • Expand the Download drop-down menu within the Resources Pane and select Download Offline Certificate.

  • This file will be named like this: GR#######Certificate.grc. (The # symbol represents numbers within the file name.)

Step 3 - Place the Offline Certificate into your .genrocket Folder

  • Navigate to the directory where the offline certificate was downloaded. This will typically be your Downloads folder.

  • Right-click the file and choose Cut or Copy.

  • Navigate to and open your .genrocket folder. It can be found in your home directory (usually C:/Users/User Name).

  • Right-click and paste the certificate file into this directory.

  • The fill will appear as shown below in the .genrocket folder:

Step 4 - Verify offline certificate is working

  • Disconnect from the Internet on your local machine.
  • Open a CMD or Terminal Window and change the directory to the directory path of the Scenario.
  • Run the GenRocket Scenario using the command below.
    genrocket -r ScenarioName.grs

  • If the Scenario runs successfully, your certificate is set up correctly (See image below).


Error - Unable to validate license

Reason - Invalid Access Key

The following error will appear when the does not match the system home directory. This error occurs because GenRocket is unable to validate that the user has a valid, enabled profile to use the offline certificate.

To fix this issue, complete these steps: 

  1. Update the Resource Home Directory (Step 1) to match the System Home Directory path.
  2. Download the Offline Certificate again.
  3. Repeat SSteps3 and 4 above.