You can encrypt your configuration and properties files using the GenRocket runtime encrypt file command. Only the GenRocket Runtime can decrypt files you've encrypted with this command.



1. Encrypt your configuration file

  1. Open your terminal application
  2. Navigate to the directory where your configuration file is located
  3. Use the genrocket -ef command and the file name
  4. You will now have a copy of your config file that is encrypted with the extension.gref
  5. You can now delete or move your unencrypted config file to a secure location  

~/Downloads  $ genrocket -ef /Users/stephenchisa/dev/config.xml

GenRocket Runtime belongs to

GenRocket Runtime Version: 3.5.30

GenRocket Version:

GenRocket Engine Version:

GenRocket Generator Runtime Version:

GenRocket Receiver Runtime Version:

GenRocket GRepositoryClient Runtime Version:

GenRocket GRepositoryServer Runtime Version:

A copy of your file has been encrypted to config.xml.gref at path /Users/stephenchisa/dev

~/Downloads  $ 

2. Update Resources and Download Profile

  1. Login to GenRocket Web 
  2. Update your configuration resource to match your new configuration file 
  3. Download your Profile.grp and move it to your .genrocket directory 
  4. You can now use your encrypted configuration file with your Scenarios