GenRocket can support the data format you need. 

GenRocket can generate data in any format you need. GenRocket Receivers handle formatting generated test data. Our team is constantly adding new Receivers to support new data formats based on customer requests. If you don’t see the file format or database you need chances are we already support it. Reach out to us and ask if if you don’t see your format listed below.

Supported Data Outputs

File formats:

  • JSON (Flat/Nested)
  • XML (Flat/Nested)
  • Delimited Files (i.e. CSV)
  • Excel (XLSX or XLS)
  • SQL
  • MyISAM
  • Fixed File

Data Feed Formats

  • X12 EDI
  • HL7
  • BAI2


Memory formats

  • Arrays
  • Maps


Realtime formats:

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • JSON
  • Amazon S3


Packaged Applications:

  • Salesforce


Image formats:

  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • PNG



  • IBM DB2
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • Many more

Receiver List 

Visit this link to see the latest list of Receivers. New Receivers are added at no cost with the understanding that you will become a GenRocket customer.