Yes. GenRocket can query and mask production data via GenRocket's Synthetic Data Replacement (SDR) process. GenRocket's Synthetic Data Replacement yields multiple advantages for Test Data Generation (TDG) and data migration compared to traditional data masking processes:

GenRocket Data Masking Features

  • Sensitive production data is never touched, therefore there are no security risks.  
  • Sensitive production data is never moved outside of your production environment, therefore it completely safe.  
  • Sensitive production data is synthetically replaced through GenRocket's SDR process, which yields higher quality data that can be:
    • Conditioned
    • Controlled 
    • Patterned
    • Edge cased
    • etc.

GenRocket Data Migration Features

GenRocket's migration feature (GMigration) allows the migration of data from a source database to a destination database for one or more tables. 

  • Migrates the data for multiple tables while maintaining referential integrity of data across Parent/Child/Sibling relationships
  • Allows two levels of data subsetting during the migration process 

GenRocket Data Masking Video

The following 6 minutes video show GenRocket's data masking and subsetting features to migrate data from a database table. 

We also have a blog post about how the industry is moving away from traditional TDM practices to synthetic test data generation.