This lesson describes how to test the connection of your source and destination JDBC property files to their respective databases.


To make sure that you have defined the JDBC properties correctly so that the DMCLT can connect to the source and destination databases, you can use the GenRocket command line option to test a JDBC connection.  

Testing the JDBC Connection

To test the JDBC source connection, run the following GenRocket command:

  • genrocket -tjdbc

To test the JDBC destination connection, run the same GenRocket command:

  • genrocket -tjdbc

When the connection succeeds, the following message will be displayed:

  • Connection to the database was successful!

If the connection does not succeed, a GenRocket exception will be thrown. For example, if the name of the database is not found because the name was spelled 'junk' instead of 'alpha', the following GenRocket exception would be thrown: 

  • Exception in thread "main" com.genRocket.GenRocketException: Unkown database 'junk'


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