This article describes how to create a Migration Configuration on the GenRocket web platform.


The GenRocket web platform allows you to fully manage the configuring the migration of a table from a source database to a table in a destination database with synthetic data replacement.  The steps below define the initial steps of creating a migration configuration.

Initial Steps to Create a Migration Configuration

Step 1

Create a new GenRocket project called, UserReplacementDemo.

Step 2

On the bottom set of tabs, click the Migration Management tab, then click the New Migration Config button.

Step 3:

On the New Migration Config dialog, feel in the parameters as defined in the image below.  Once all of the parameters have been filled in, click the Save button.

Note: If you have followed the previous articles before this one, you should have defined the four resources necessary where specified in the image below.  If you do not have the four resources define, please refer to the following two articles before complete step 3:

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