This lesson describes how to use the Table Config management form to define and prepare a database table for migration and map sensitive table columns to Domain Attributes for synthetic data replacement.


The Table Config form allows the quick and easy definition of a database table for migration with synthetic data replacement.  

Defining Table Definition

On the Table Config form, you can create a table definition in one of two ways:

  • Create - allows you to define a table definition from scratch
  • Import DDL - allow you to quickly create a table definition from importing a table's DDL.

Creating a Table Definition via DDL

In our example, we're going to create a table definition using the DDL for the MySQL user table defined below.

        external_id VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
        first_name VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL,
        last_name VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL,
        middle_initial CHAR(1),
        username VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
        ssn VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
        password VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
        activation_date DATE,
        PRIMARY KEY (id),
        CONSTRAINT external_id UNIQUE (external_id)

Click the Import DDL button and fill in the parameters as shown in the image below, then click the Save button.

save image

  • Vendor: Defines the vendor of the database.
  • DDL: Paste the DDL create statement of the destination table in TextArea.
  • Destination Table Name: Defines the name of the table from the Destination database in which we want to migrate data from the table of Source Destination.
  • Scenario: Specify the name of the Scenario that you are going to use for data replacement for Sensitive columns. Make sure that Primary domain of the scenario has only those attributes that will be used to replace data for Sensitive columns. Otherwise, you will face an exception.
  • Source Query: Defines the Source query that will pull data from different columns of one or more tables from Source Database,
    •  e.g, In MySQL :  select u.username,s.first_name,r.role_name from USER u inner join ROLE r on r.user_id =
    • Only username, first_name, and role_name columns will be picked from USER and ROLE table and merged with masked columns from Scenario and then migrated to table from Destination database.
  • Source Where Clause: Defines the where clause to select the subset of data.
  • Source Where Resource: Defines a resource that has a path to a file on your system where you can write where clause. 

After the clicking the Save button, you will be taken the Create Table Configuration from DDL form.  Fill in the parameters as defined in the image below, then press the Save button.  

After clicking the Save button, you will be taken to the Table Config management form where you can make edits, additions, and deletions to your table configuration.

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