New GenRocket Generators, Receivers, and Engine Components are frequently being added and released to production.  In order for GenRocket users to quickly and easily receive new releases, the genrocket command line contains options to handle this task.

The following command line options instruct the GenRocket runtime to look for GenRocket new versions of its component jars. Jars are Java binaries containing compiled code. If updates are found, one or more jars are automatically downloaded to the given computer and moved to the genrocket/lib directory.  Old versions of the new jars are automatically removed.



Updatable Jars

The GenRocket jars that may be auto-downloaded and updated are the following:

  • Generator Jar - Contains GenRocket Generators
  • Receiver Jar - Contains GenRocket Generators
  • Engine Jar - Contains Engine Components


Within the genrocket/lib directory, the updatable GenRocket jars will exist with the following names (your version numbers may be different):

  • gr-engine-

  • gr-generators-

  • gr-receivers-