The following command line options instruct GenRocket to retrieve one, many or all table schemas from a given database by connecting directly to the database via JDBC to extract the database's schema. The extracted schema is saved to an encrypted file.  The encrypted file can then be imported from the GenRocket web application to automatically create Domains for each table whose schema is defined within the encrypted file. To learn more, go to How do I create a Domain with GenRocket -xts command line option?


--export-table-schema <<pathToJDBCFile> <tableNames>>

Required Parameter

  • <pathToJDBCFile> - defines the path and file name of the JDBC Properties file 
    • Example: /home/jdoe/config/ 

Optional Parameter

  • <tableName> - defines the names of one or more tables whose schema is to be extracted  
    • Example: genrocket -xts /home/jdoe/config/ company,department,user
  • Note: By not providing any table names, all table's schema within the given database will be extracted