The following command line options instruct the GenRocket runtime to call the GenRocket Licensing Server to ensure that it can be reached.  Just before the GenRocket Runtime runs a Scenario, it performs a license check by sending a request via HTTPS to the GenRocket license server.  The GenRocket license server verifies the user has a valid GenRocket license and returns a response. If the user's license is valid, the Scenario will be executed. If the user's license is invalid, an invalid license message will be echoed to the command line console.

If the GenRocket licensing server cannot be reached, it is likely for one of the following reasons:

  • Internet is down - In this case, wait until the internet connection is back up and the GenRocket runtime should be able to connect to its licensing server.
  • Internet access is blocked - the security settings on the computer block the GenRocket runtime from making a call to its licensing server.  If this is the case then the user should use GenRocket's Offline Mode by downloading a GenRocket 24 hour certificate.  




> genrocket -c 

*** GenRocket was able to successfully connect to the licensing server ***