This method is used to run Scenario and returns the results in memory only.  In the Scenario, all Receivers are disabled and a SimpleMapReceiver is added and enabled.  Use this API method sparingly, when the amount of data being generated is small and not memory intensive.


The following GenRocket exceptions may be thrown by this method:  

  • If no Scenarios have been loaded because loadScenario() has not be run.
  • If the runtime instance is currently running another Scenario.
  • If the Scenario defined by scenarioName is not found.

Runtime Method Signature

Use this method signature when directly accessing the GenRocket binary runtime.

public List<Object> scenarioRunInMemory(String domainName)

REST/Socket Payload Request

Use this API JSON request payload when making an API call to the GenRocket REST or Socket Engine.

  "interfaceType": "Manual",
  "methodName": "scenarioRunInMemory",
  "parameters": {
     domainName: ""

REST/Socket Payload Successful Payload Response

The API JSON response payload for this method will be empty.

  "responseType": "OK",
  "data": ""