The Domain Referencing Wizard can be used to validate and set up Parent-Child-Sibling Relationships when importing your data model into a Test Data Project. 

How to use the Domain Referencing Wizard

The Domain Referencing Wizard can be used after you have imported a data model into GenRocket. Select the Project within the Project Dashboard and then follow the steps below to validate/set up the required relationships. 

  • Click on the Domain Referencing Wizard icon within the Project Versions Pane.

  • The Domain Referencing Wizard can be used to quickly set up Parent-Child-Sibling relationships between multiple Domains in a Project and will appear as shown below:

  • Click on a Domain on the left of the Domain Referencing Wizard to select it and begin. For this example, Address has been selected.

  • Next, tick the radial for the Domain that should be the Parent of the selected Domain. For this example, the User Domain has been set as the Parent. Sibling Relationships will be set automatically based on the selection.