This feature will be deprecated on March 1, 2025. 
We recommend using the GenRocket web platform to create and set up Test Data Projects. 


The GenRocket Rest API allows advanced GenRocket users to access all major GenRocket web functions from their own custom built in-house applications. Keep your customers solely within the experience of your own custom in-house application by seamlessly and automatically managing the creation and updating of GenRocket Domains, Attributes, Receivers, & Scenarios via our GenRocket Restful web services.  

Web API 

Access our public GenRocket Web API on Swagger Hub.

Example Application

To quickly learn and actively start using GenRocket Web API operations within your own custom in-house applications, take a look and even download the source code of our Sample Web Application that uses many GenRocket Web API operations. 

Example Screen Shots

Below are a few example screenshots from our Sample Web Application.

Login Form

List Your GenRocket Projects

List Your Domains, Scenarios & Scenario Chains

Different Views of Your Domain Data